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// guitar


Song writer, disruptive influence, rubbish jokes, lives to play live and has written more killer riffs than he could use in a lifetime

Lee 1.jpg


// bass


Song writer, insomniac, usually to be found ranting, eating sugar or bouncing around like tigger........... maybe due to all the flapjacks he eats

Andy 1.jpg


// drums


Drummer with an inner Animal, a liking of Sunday dinners, a huge grin and the most awesome talent with a pair of drumsticks!

Alex 1.jpg


// vocals


Song writer, folk singer discovering her rock n roll wild woman, spends her life singing ... on stage ... off stage ... round the house ... eep!

TD 1.jpg


// guitar


Our newest member, loves cars, leather and killer rock riffs, can often be seen wandering off stage into the crowd while playing

Simon 1.jpg
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