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Live at The Highfield

Just gigged at the Highfield Festival in Bradford on Sunday. This was a charity festival supporting Martin House Children's Hospital, it was a great event and what a great audience!

Everyone was bouncing and dancing. They were cheering their favourite songs and coming over to speak to us after our set. It's a great feeling when people come over to tell you how much they've enjoyed your music. This is exactly why we write songs, for the love of music, so to hear that people have shared that joy with us is fabulous. Had to tweak the sound a few times as everything was running late so didn't get to do a full soundcheck but we coped.

There were some very polished bands on the festival line up. Whiskey Coyote, a local Bradford band, played before us with some lovely original songs that are well worth a listen.

Thank you very much to The Highfield, Bradford for organising the festival and asking us to perform for a worthwhile cause. Hope you had a very successful day!

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