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The rocky road to perfection ...

We would love to be able to say that having officially formed our band just under a year ago we launched ourselves onto a live gig scene as the perfect and polished rock pop act and took our audiences by storm. But that would be a lie!

The reality was rather more underwhelming.

Every band wants to be seen as established and amazing with a pre-existing loyal fan base and a record deal on the table. With that in mind it was very difficult not to look back at some of our earliest gig videos and say let's just take them off our social media and pretend that never happened.

But here's the thing ... and this is why we haven't taken our earlier work down ... we want to be honest about the journey we're going through. We want to be honest about the amount of work we put in, not just to writing songs and practicing them, but also to performing them and working out what our stage presence is. We want people to come on this journey with us and understand how terrifying it can be to get up on stage and perform but equally how wonderful it is when you know you've just played your best gig yet, and people liked it and the buzz you get from that makes it all so worth it.

We also want other emerging bands to know that to be successful you have to have good songs, a brand identity and good stage presence and these are things you have to constantly work at. We put hours and hours every week into working on these things and we are just at the beginning, hopefully, of our musical career with much more learning and success yet to come. When you're starting out and you're in a line up of amazing, professional looking bands, keep going!! They've been here too. Get people to film you, analyse the hell out of it afterward and get better. It's horrible, but it's worth doing.

So even when we're as famous as ACDC and Blondie (aim high!) we will still leave our videos of our first gigs up on social media and we will still say, "Look how far we've come!" and be proud of our achievements.

Huge respect to every artist out there who is going through this same journey.

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